Project Zero 1
I did play through the first part of the game on 0.9.6 with this game on my old laptop but didn't continue because it lagged.

So with new hardware and a new Pcsx2 in hand I tried it again but it feels awkward mainly:

That it plays fine at 1680x1050 but when a ghost jumps in my face(ARGH!) and I need to take a photo it just wont work or recognise the ghost exists. There seems to be 2 different "kinds" of unviolent ghosts with different programming because the ones that pass by or appear just for 3 seconds and need to be taken quick, they were recognised by the camera after I set clamp mode to full.

However the static ones that hang there(associated with blue) I need to use SW mode, meaning the game looks awful.

So playing through it(Having many heartattacks along the way since I've forgot the story LoL) I'm constantly switching between HW and SW just playing on SW most of the time.

So is the this the only way around it or is there a way on HW mode?

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Fezzer don't forget to play it @ 2 A.M. Tongue in pitch darkness xD ghehe Tongue
(09-07-2011, 09:57 AM)StriFe79 Wrote: Fezzer don't forget to play it @ 2 A.M. Tongue in pitch darkness xD ghehe Tongue

Haha My dad thought I'd fallen over or something cus when I opened one door with a ghost right on the other side I jumped so much I shouted "F*CK!!!" LoL Tongue
whahaha xD I'm gonna have that too with Fatal Frame 4, but then again nobody can hear me scream thank god Tongue

This is what Refraction said about Project Zero: Ah, you may not like this answer as it gets rid of all your hard work! There is an issue with the GSDX plugin when you use hardware mode, so you have to switch to software for ghost battles. You can do this on the fly using F9 (i think), but the graphics will look just like they do on the PS2 when you do it ;p Smile And u can read it here: Smile Not to be an arse or anything, but try search next time? I just typed in Project Zero Smile
Yeah I did read that thread but it mainly because he was using r3878 and I'm using r4875 so I thought maybe a couple of things had changed. Just checking but o well.

I'm struggling to notice any difference with the SW AA because the res is so poor how are you supposed to notice edge-smoothing anyway LoL?
Anti-Aliasing removes the Edges of lines, so f.e. a newspaper have edges at it's outer rims, Jagged Edges sorry, so thanks to Anti-Aliasing or FSAA how it's called, it smooths it.
So it's a smooth line Smile I hope u understand what I try to explain Smile

Otherwise here's a picture as an example: Smile
Only software mode is known to fix that for now at least, some people claim that "log-z" in D3D9 fixes it too but I've tried it and got no difference, guess you could try that and maybe you'd get it working too.
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Indeed, there is a Z Buffer download in that game, which has issues in hardware as it's all handled differently. It's possibly fixable but it is a huge rewrite of some stuff, which is why it hasnt been fixed.
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I know what Anti-Aliasing does its just on SW mode I find it unnoticable since the edge is such a smudge anyway because of native. I'll try that Log-z thing now.
Um, Log-z is greyed out and locked to true or ticked.

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