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Hey Everyone. I've been using pcsx2 for quite awhile to play older PS2 games. Now at the moment i've only got round to playing one which is Final Fantasy 10. Now whilst playing i experience breif slowdown once in a blue moon (with speedhacks). Now I've been wanting to play dynasty warriors again but unfortunately the latest one on xbox 360 has slowdown issues and number 3 is not playable on xbox 360 so i had the idea to buy the third on playstation 2 and use this. Now i've had a look on google and lots of people are saying that the game is too intense and im worried my computer may not be able to handle it. Can anyone shed some light on this and also recommend a spec that will handle dw3 and also KH2 as i miss playing that aswell.

My current spec is:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.0GHz
Nvidia gtx560
Operating system is Windows 7 HP 64Bit

Was running version PCSX2 0.9.8.r4600 but need to reinstall it as recently wiped PC.

Thanks in advance

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I used to own your CPU, and i'll have to say that your CPU is most likely to slow for this game to run.

I think you could get KH2 playable with speedhacks, if i recall correctly that game isn't very intense to run (ran it on a Phenom 2 x4 965 BE @3.4ghz no problem)

Don't really have recommended specs for DW3 other then my sig rig which is of no use to anyone since it's way over specced..

KH2 was running fine on an e6300 which apparently ties with your CPU. So you should be good to go on that one
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Athlon 64 is really slow architecture which will hold you back(on the bright side your GPU is more than ok;p), it's also just 2 cores which limits it even more as many games(including Warriors series) can get a nice boost from MTvu speedhack especially on 3 core+ cpu's.

If you're into upgrading there are quite a few choices depending how much you can spend, either get into something as powerfull as possible ~ like any new intel icore quads above 3,5ghz best if unlocked K version which you could OC to make almost everything run decently(speed will not fix buggy games through;p) or get a cheap highly clocked(above 4ghz) 6 core(3 module) cpu from AMD which should still be powerfull enough for most ps2 games(but will still be limited at some since it's way behind intel).

There is other way as well, since both of those mentioned more likely require new mobo and if you're using DDR2 memory more likely also new ram which means extra cost, if you want it really cheap as long as your current mobo allows it you probably could fit a phenom II or Athlon II(those're actually same performance in PCSX2 looking at benchmarks, but commonly lower clocked;p) which would be around 30% faster per same clock in pcsx2 than this athlon 64 of yours and easily get higher clocks while eating less power/generating less heat. Also if you would get at least a 3 core one(quad will not give anything over 3 core here, in fact it'll just eat up more power/generate more heat, but I guess late PII quads were higher clocked) you could fully utilize MTvu speedhack. Summing that and you would get actually significant upgrade over your current cpu even if difference in clocks wouldn't be big if any and that while cheap should easily be enough for the games you want.
If you think to buy or upgrade your processor then go for amd fx6300 which is cheper then my i5 3570k .

Btw i notice something that you use 0.9.8 which is old and you enable speedhacks! Try your game without speedhacks and use the stable 1.0.0 or svns.
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Dynasty warriors games have slow down on a real ps2 as well. This "feature" is faithfully emulated as well even if you get the game running full speed... Just a heads up on that.
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i tried to get KH2 running with speedhacks and it was quite slow unfortunately. my PC is due an upgrade anyway as its been the same apart from the GPU for the past 3 years and cos its handled every game i threw at it ive not bothered upgrading it but i wanna get back into emulating again so needs to be done. As well as tried the new ace combat (newest) and it crawled so was a wakeup call lol.

Now as for the version of pcsx2 im using, this was last time i emulated (awhile ago) so i shall be updating it when i can. Now i have looked into the AMD FX6300 and it seems like this is probably the most viable upgrade for me at the moment. I know with Intel people say they are quicker but for price im sticking to AMD at moment. The FX6300 works out quite well as i already know of a decent Mobo to use. Memory is easy to pick aswell. But with this CPU, will it handle most PS2 games effectively? I know it won't be perfect due to it emulating it but i mean with moderate speeds so i am not tempting to throw my controller at it cos its suddenly gone slow whilst trying to kill a hard enemy.
Check this benchamark if you're unsure, basically FX-6300@ around 5.2ghz it's comparable to i7 920 @4.2ghz that's certainly enough for most games which could be considered as playable, even if you don't OC it soo much it should cover most ps2 games easily or with some speedhacks as those most demanding games are actually somewhat rare.

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