Quick pnach tool
This tool  only work with already converted codes to pnach format

This is a simple tool to create pnach files more easily(especially for newbies)...like get the codes someone posted here and create a pnach with them(no need to search for the crc and wonder how to create the file)

How it works:

1.You can place it wherever you want but you must start pcsx2 before running it(it get the needed info from the pcsx2.exe and the console)
2.If a game is already running,when you start the program,it will automatically fill the edit boxes with the game crc,game name and if cheats exist for the current game,they will also be loaded
3.When you start another game without closing the tool,the tool will automatically get the same things as above for the new game
4.If no cheats exist for the current game,it will just add "gamename=the game name" where the cheats editbox is so you can just add your cheats
5.When you save,the tool automatically save the file with the correct name and extension to the correct folder

PS.The Load Button is kinda useless because I made the tool to execute what the button does automatically but I leave it just in case something goes wring and the tool didn't get the info.

New Version v2

1.You can enable\disable the selected codes...since I didn't wanted to add new buttons(to make the gui uglier),you have to right click anywhere except on the edit boxes(you'll get the normal context menu there).
2.You can drag-drop pnach files to the window and the tool will automatically add info into the correct places

Since those changes can alter the previous features,the Load button becomes useful now

New Version v3

I don't know why it's so difficult to read instructions so I'm changing how the program works...you no longer need to run pcsx2 first before starting the program.

New Version v4

Little bugfix...if codes for the game don't exist in the cheats folder,the Save button will not work

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That was fast....

...its raining reputations... Laugh
Doesn't work on Windows 10 though <_< , tried with some compatibility settings , nothing to do .
Works fine here on my virtual pc with Win10
Error type or error message and steps to reproduce would be helpful...
New version
Version 3
v4...little bugfix
Will Check it Out
thank you for this, will give it a go after i clock outta of work

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