Recommended Front Mission 5 Settings
I've searched and have found several threads on this topic, but none have given a distinct set of settings to use to achieve the best sound, graphics, and FMVs(low priority here, though). Or if they do, they're for an old build and don't work for my computer. I either get very bad audio, slow FPS, or messed up video during battles and such. There have been claims of near perfect emulation, but I haven't been able to duplicate it. I do realize that apparently there's a slight problem with AMD cards, but I've updated to the most recent drivers.

I am currently using the latest build r4600. Thanks for any help!

My comp:

Athlon X3 440 3.0 GHZ
12 GB RAM(I know, overkill)
Radeon HD 5850

If this is posted somewhere and I totally missed it (99% sure I didn't), flame on.

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get latest svn, experiment with speed hack, search front mission and skipdraw hack, etc, etc.

and your cpu is slow, don't expect consistent 60 fps all the time.
Alright, I'm a noob. Can't find the particular thread you're referring to. Mind giving me a link? Thanks for the heads up on the CPU, didn't realize it could be a bottle neck for emulating.
This is own setting for audio. you may want to try it:
Audio: SPU2X
Port Audio, volume 100%,latency 50Ms,synchronizing mode:Timestretch
sequence length:20,seek:110,overlap:5

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