Regarding Save States
Hey everyone,
I'm loving PCSX2, followed the great guide, and I've started by replaying Final Fantasy X.

Anyways. My only concern, which I can't seem to find an answer on, is regarding save states.

If I begin to play a new game, besides Final Fantasy X, does it get its own set of save states? I've just been scared of starting another game, and then accidentally overwriting my FFX saves.

Thanks in advance for any help on my newbie question.

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No all save-states are the same, I made the same mistake on putting FFX in and saving over Dark Cloud.
Oh. Dang. You have my condolences, man.

So I have to save normally whenever I get the chance to (ie. In the memory card, as if I was playing on a real PS2?)
The save state name is the game crc based.There is no way one game to overwrite a save state of other game(except if for some unknown reason the cdvd plugin get the crc incorrectly)
You can create up to 9 save states for every game.

BTW it's not good idea to use save states only
(12-19-2010, 01:12 AM)Spanky D Wrote: No all save-states are the same, I made the same mistake on putting FFX in and saving over Dark Cloud.

Thats completely untrue all save states are individual. Save states use the crc of the game to name the files, even two copies of the same game could have diffrent save states if they are from diffrent regions.

@OP, dont worry about this. You wont save over your other games. Ive used this emulator for years and my folder contains hundreds of saves, never have they been overwritten. Now you should still save with the memory card because save states can stop working, so dont rely on them exlusively.
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Okay. Thanks a bunch, guys. It's much appreciated. Glad the community is so helpful.
My apologies then, and the crc is where I have the problem then. I also would like for maybe Vsub and GamerGeek then to probably help me with my post if they can? My apologies again to ultramega on the false information I was nearly certain I was right since I had experienced it a few times.
Like I said,this can only happen if the cdvd plugin get wrong crc and that wrong crc to be of some game on which you already have save state.
I this happen to me ones or twice(wrong crc)but that was long ago with old plugins.This also may happen if you load a save state too fast(again on old pcsx2/plugins version)
No, thats not my problem vsub my problem is on a whole new thread on the general discusion regarding FFXII I put the actual DvD in my actual drive. (no ISO or V-drive) and another time with an ISO and V-Drive and yet I get no CRC in the emulog, I'll stop talking about it on here though since this is a whole new subject but please help me if you can further on that thread. Much appreciated either way since I learned something new today already. =)

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