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Resolved [Bug Report] Hot Wheels Velocity Maximum Justice (NTSC-U)
if it crashes with mVU then thats a good thing since it means i can probably debug it and see what data is being sent to mVU to make it crash.
i will try to look into the bug.

its possible though its not a VU problem though but instead some bad data being transferred to VU's.
so even if i fix the mVU crash it probably won't fix the game.

if mVU is just hanging w/o crashing then it might be that VU1 enters a program and never completes. i'll see if this is happening.
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hmm okay i tested the game and it looks like it might really be a VU1 emulation problem.

if you guys know how to compile your own builds you can fix it by changing this line in microVU_Misc.h:
static const bool doBranchInDelaySlot = 1; // Set to 1 to enable evil-branches
change it to equal 0 instead of 1; that fixes the hanging in mVU and also totally fixes the graphics.

seems mVU might not be handling the branches in branch delay slot correctly in this case, or maybe it is handling the program-flow correctly but by doing so it breaks the game due to some other problem like a floating point precision bug.

anyways i'll keep this game in mind, but probably won't work on a proper fix for a while since that branches in branch delay slot stuff is pretty messy.
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alright i decided to continue looking into the game, and was able to find the bug in mVU that was causing the problem xD

game is now fixed and playable in r4657:
(well playable as far as i can tell from my limited testing Laugh)
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Cool,I wonder what other games this court smash crashed quite Epicly on 3d
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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wow nice Hot Wheels VX finally playable. Smile
and also Totally Spies now boots with mVU1, the 3D textures are still broken though.

[Image: hqk0cw-6.png]
bleh all these games are doing evil things with the VUs if they're improving from this fix xD
if its 3d textures that are broken in Totally Spies it might be GS or GIF related. have you tried if software rendering fixes it?
might take a look at that game when i get the chance just to see.
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i tried software mode its the same ill make a Bug Report about this soon

[Image: hqk0cw-6.png]
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

This thread will now be closed and moved to the resolved bug reports subforum.
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