Rogue Galaxy strange offset glow
Hi guys,I am having a problem with Rogue galaxy,as you can see in the image below on the right of my character there is a copy of him with a glow effect,I try to switch the x3 resolution on the video plugin to Native,but that weird artifact is still there,can you tell me what cause that & how to get rid of it? thank Smile
(also don't pay attention to the jagged lines,I was switching trough the different interlacing mode when I take the screen)

[Image: 68161996.png]

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I have fixed it a little bit by using skypdraw 1 on the video plug in hacks,I also found another problem,like this big square on the ground around my enemy,& also I see this square in the explosion of the missiles used by one of my ally,I think it have something to do with planes with alphas Blink

[Image: 56897719.png]

Also weird cut in the map,ti doesn't even show the yellow star where I supposed to go!!!

[Image: 40403409.png]

EDIT: solved this last problem of the cut on the map,was caused both from MSAA & Texture filtering,the missing icons on the map was caused from the option Alpha on the video hacks,but I still have the first problem of this topic of that weird offset glow,using skypdraw 1 reduce it but don't remove it,please help me guys :\
ok,found a new strange thing,this is also a bad one,the character you can se in my screen below appear invisible (or trasparent) but as you can see in this video at 5:30 it shouldn't have been invisible...also I have meet some invisible monsters...pleas help Sad

[Image: scaled.php?server=543&filename=11480298.png&res=landing]
Does the game work with software rendering?
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I remember I tryed the software mode but it was still transparent Sad
use D3D9, its similar to the XenoSaga Ep2/3 glitches
ok,I will try when it happens again then I let you know if it works,thanks Smile
guys now the game is crushed for the second time inside the fabric(the one after the prison) during a fight...there is a way to tell what is causing the problem? :\
It is surely steve special move.
I suggest not using steve or if he's necessary using him and not using his special moves.
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are you kidding me?!! a special move that make the game crash?! XDD

But this happen with only one specific skill,or all his skills??

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