Running SotC?
I've been trying for hours to get Sotc running past 75%, I've read other people say they have it running at 60 fps and I believe my pc is comparable to theirs (although I'm not a hardware expert). 

My specs are:
Windows 7 64 bit
AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon HD Graphics (4 CPUs) 3.8 GHz
8192MB RAM
AMD Radeon HD 7660D Graphics Card

Can I get 60 fps on SotC, and if not is it just because SotC is too intensive and other games should work fine?

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It looks like your APU is a little slow for running SOTC full speed. But if you want help with your settings to see if you can get closer to 100%, I suggest you post your PCSX2 settings.
Thanks for the response! I've tried a bunch of configs based on things I've seen online but here's my current config. Also I'm using the 2.20 USA bios if that matters.
I don't see anything that would obviously slow you down. In fact, you're going more aggressive with the speedhacks than I normally recommend. Try frameskipping. Other than that, there's probably not much else you can do. Maybe turning off the unnecessary GSdx hacks and enabling allow 8-bit textures will help.
Ive been fiddling around and I can get it to around 80%, is there really no way I can get those last few frames? Its so close to being playable. I can run other games at 3x native with no lag.
I would just like to let everyone know I was just about to give up and try to marathon it at a friends house when I tried using v 1.2.1 and it runs consistent 60 fps on this older version! anyone who is having trouble with SotC try this version instead of 1.4
The game is really demanding and you are making it even more demanding by using
EE set to +50%(maybe you use it thinking it's still works the same ways as before but now it works in reverse...currently you are making it 50% more demanding)
VU set to above 1 starts to give you randomly negative results
About the the rounding mode in EE/VU,I don't know if they can slow things down.

While using your settings,I can't seems to go above 80fps and my cpu have more than twice your single threaded performance.

If I set everything to default and just use EE -1 and VU + 2,I get around 60+ speed boost and it's not a false fps reading
1.4 is alot more accurate then 1.2 there for more demanding so that would make sense that older version is faster

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