Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love?
the game is already out for the PS2,
since the PCSX2 can basically, run almost all the PS2 games{in some way or another} can someone confirm the Status of this game?
yes,I know there is still a lot of games that are not on "playble" Status, I think this game status is Plyable or in the worst case, In-game.

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playable, but goes under 50% fps in combat even with c2d 3ghz.
Played it for few hours, it didnt crash and i didnt see any glitches.
thx for the info. as for the speed problem:
did you tried Speed hacks?
Full speed in adventure mode, slows down quite a bit in battle. Dropped resolution to 800 and it is now playable at about 80-100% fps. (9600GT)

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