Save Game Convert?
I was wondering if there would be a kind person that would be able to convert this save game file for FF12, and put it into a downloadable memory card. I know that it is possible and I have tried it using the guide for 0.9.4, but I have the beta r1888, and I couldn't get the file to work. Would someone be able to help me out?

Here is the link to the save game file I wanted converted:

Thanks for anyone who is able to help me!


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I love you. Marry me!? Please! lol

Seriously, thank you so much!
Just for future reference that guide is pretty old and you should use mymc now, which is also mentioned in posts in the same guide thread you read Tongue
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Alrighty, thank you! I am like in awe at this save Laugh
Thanks for the tip! <3

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