Save Settings for each Game???

I got a question about settings. A lot of us play a variety of games. Sometimes you have to change your default settings. Maybe you need a speed hack, or a game hack to make that game run frothy smooth at 60fps.

Is there a way to save all settings for each game? Having the ability to save settings to each game would be a huge boon.

If this is not in the beta I humbly ask that you take this into consideration in the next Version of PCsx2.

sooo... Is there a way for games to save settings separately from each other?

Because im getting old and it gets hard to remember all these settings.

thanks for your time.

And i apologize in advance if this is in the wrong spot in the forum

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No way to do exactly that, however you can try other apps to do something like what you want but not sure if they still work.
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That's one main reason for the games database, albeit the complete implementation not being so trivial it is being addressed. May not be distant the time it gets functional enough to public release.

Some basics are already implemented, you may want to let the "Enable patches" option set on, at least it will automatically apply the fixes for known games.

A good way to verify it being tri ace games that immediately crashes PCSX2 if the fix is not applied. Games like Star Ocean TeT and Valkyrie Profile 2 are good examples.

PS: Forgot to verify if the above is valid for the official beta; could someone confirm it please?
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