Scope Effect when using scale?
Well im using the:

And when i use the scaling like 6x or 2x i get this annoying effect on the screen: (uhh about the on screen keybaord.. its a long story)

Why? notice the text is on the left side of the screen when its supposed to be in the bottom middle and it also hides my health bar making it really small to see and sometimes that scope effect foes to the top left corner of the screen.

These are my settings:

This doesnt happen when i set it to Native but it looks so pixelated :/

Also for some reason i gets this water effect all over it when im moving or so...?

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Either use native resolution or an old version of GSdx like 0.1.12

Next time it may help if you mention the name of the game Tongue2
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@danygo what game is it anyway?????i can't make out anything from that screenshot

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