Settings for PS2 via Component

First of all, awesome work on the emulator!

My question is does anyone know what settings to use to emulate a game to as close as it would be running on an actual PS2 via component cables? My monitor is 1680x1050 and my TV is 1080p which may be a bit of an issue when judging how it'll look on my actual TV but close is better than nothing.

Thanks Smile.

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Your PC specs?
Default settings(native resolution)are making pcsx2 look as the PS2 but little better
software renderer every time.
Thanks a lot Smile.
PS2 via RCA connector (composite) looks blurry on both HDTV and SDTV.

PS2 via component cable looks pixelated on HDTV.

PCSX2 at native resolution looks pixelated on HDTV, too.

Conclusion: Use native resolution in GSDX setting.

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