Setup help
alright. ive been trying to get this emulator to work for the past couple hours and it runs yes, but UBER SLOW even in just getting to the browser menu.

System specs (not sure what all is needed but)

Processor: AMD turion x2 dual-core Mobile RM-72 2.10 ghz
Ram: 3 GB
Windows 7 OS

Vid Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics

Any other info thats needed lemme know and ill find it out

All i really want to know is, is there anyway to make this work better? faster? and the like, or is this a wasted effort on my part, any help would be helpfull ^^

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Start by trying the latest beta if you aren't already:

What game are you trying? Show us your PCSX2 and plugin settings with the beta so we can help better.

Take in count you have a slow computer so you shouldn't expect miracles. For now without knowing your settings all I can say is make sure you enable "native" in GSdx graphic plugin and try some speedhacks.
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