Sorry to bother you with my problem.
Hello everyone. I have a small problem that I would love your help with.
When I start playing my game (ACE Another Century's Episode 3) The opening FMV and all other FMV are very choppy in both audio as visuals. I try pressing F5 but nothing happens. When I get onto gamplay the sound is great and the video is great with 1 exception. The skreen shivers a bit. I cant tell by looking at the side of the screen.

I am using PCSX2 0.9.6

Intel HD Graphics 3000
Windows 7 service pack 1
DirectX 10.1
Physical Memory 8139MB
Min Graphics Memory 32mb
Max Graphics Memory 1696mb
Graphics Memory in use 241mb
Processor Intel64 Family 6 model 42 stepping 7
Processor speed 2394
Video BIOS 2104.0
And I am using a PS3 controller with motionjoy

I hope that's enough info. If not just tell me what you need and I get it to you.

Thank you all in advanced.

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As fist thing to try,is to download the newest pcsx2 1.0.0
0.9.6 is really old and have tons of bugs compared even to 0.9.8
FIXED! Using V 1.0.0 Did it.
I tryed 1.0.0 before but i guess I got the wrong file because I was having all sorts of trouble with it. But now that I re-downloaded it I have it working no prob. Thanks a bunch!

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