Sound issues and odd behavior
Okay, I'm playing Final Fantasy 12 ZJS English Conversion 0.18 (so running from ISO) and having some really bizarre sound issues. If I escape out, sometimes all audio will stop, and refuses to come back. If I savestate during this and restart the emulator, it /might/ come back, but it's nowhere near 100%, or even half the time. I've been using Pete's SPU2 mostly, as it's sound quality is vastly superior in FF12 and runs better interpolation for all the treble noises, but it's the most fussy about coming back. If I switch over during a program restart to SPU2-X the rate of sound coming back goes up.

The only even remotely reliable way I've been able to bring it back is quit the game, switch between the two SPUs, load my state, resave the state with sound running, quit the emu, reswitch the sound, restart the emu AGAIN, and then run it. And it'll be back. I think by that point you can see my frustration with how annoying that is. Anyone either knows what causes the sound to drop like this, a way to prevent this, or at least an easier way to reset the audio and bring it back into the save state?

Quote:PCSX2 ver 0.9.6
Game: Final Fantasy 12 ZJS patched 0.18
GPU: GSdx890 (SSSE3)
Sound: P.E.Op.S SPU2 1.9 (updated spu2PeopsDSound to 1.3 from Pete's site)
& SPU2-X 1.1.0

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I recommend using the latest PCSX2 betas and beta plugins:
PCSX2 r1888 beta and Beta plugins 1th March 2010
SPU2-X should give you the best sound results
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Okay, I gave that a shot. Beta works nicer in general, wish I had grabbed it first so I didn't have to fuddle around with realizing how to run ISOs, now I can just pick that like in ePSXe. Ah well. The sound doesn't seem to vanish when I escape out and can hop back in the game without in dropping audio (so far) but new issues. The sound in SPU2-X is still kinda bad, making rather sharp painful noises at random points. Not sure what exactly sounds those are supposed to be, as they are too infrequent and don't seem based on the music. I switched back to Pete's to try, and the audio is considerably better, but has artifacting whenever it first loads a zone. So whatever was the very first note or two will be repeated constantly in the background, not a big issue when it's a bass noise, massive when I walk out into the Estersand and it becomes bad techno.

Oh, and with SPU2-X I've tried both XA and DirectSound with either Linear or Cubic, doesn't seem to matter which. Both make the horrible random screeches.
Hm yeah that issue was never found to be debugged, very strange and very random Tongue I think ZeroSPU2 will give you decent sound and not drop out when you escape and resume. Still, only SPU2-X has proper effects emulation like reverb and such...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'll give that a shot then tommorow, going to bed now as it's getting late here. Will post my results either for sake of anyone else with similar issues or if new weirdness arises. Tongue2
Okay, Zero's SPU works quite fine if anyone else has this issue as well. Sound quality is a little off in some areas, like the treble doesn't come through just right, which is likely acceptable for most people. Additionally got Pete's to work correctly once I realized the DSound addition wasn't copied to my new beta install location (opps), and that resolved the artifacting issue.

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