Star Ocean 3 Game Freeze
I've search on the forum for a similar problem, but I wasn't able to find it..
Forgive my english, today is worst than ever..

I'm in the airyglyph's aqueducts, I have the ring of disintegration and I want to complete the map. When I try to get the long corridor on the left side of the map, the game freezes.
The first time I was there it was all ok, now I need to complete the scale bunny and I can't.
I'm on the first dvd.

I'm using Pcsx 0.9.8, Gsdx 4788 SSE41, gamefixes disabled.
Need more info?


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Using any speed hacks? If so turn them off. Also if you are loading a state, try loading from the actual memory card save of the game. Finally,try setting EE and VU clamps to their max (extra+preserve sign, full)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The vu hack kill the game in some points, so like bositman says disable the hacks, o/.
From my experience it kills only some cutscenes, on the other hand other user had a problem with crashing or freezes couse rip made by program that doesn't make 100% copy I would think about re-ripping here if it wasn't made by program that's known from making 100% copies from ps2 games(like imgburn).
i have the same problem...
Then try above suggestions.;] Turn off speedhacks and cheats if you use any to be sure they aren't at fault, load the game from normal save(not savestate) and if it still crashes, re-rip your game with imgburn.

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