Strange issue.
Well, to be honest, PCSX2 itself runs amazingly well, and I get near full fps for all my games. However, I have one little issue that's a pain in the behind. I recently got this computer, it's practically brand new. I was quite excited since it has much better specs than my last computer.

However, on the the problem. Whenever PCSX2 is running a game, and I switch to ANY other application, or hit escape to go back to the menu, it'll freeze for over 20 seconds or so before continuing. I really have no idea what's causing it at all, just, whenever I go from the PCSX2 program to anything else, it'll freeze. Obviously, this is just a big nuisance, since it really doesn't effect the gameplay at all, but being unable to savestate often is becoming quite bothersome. [Since I have two wait nearly half a minute TWICE just to save one state. One freeze to save the state, then one freeze to get back to playing.]

It also freezes right as I start any game.

I'm thinking it MIGHT have something to do with my graphics card, but I'm not certain, so any help would be appreciated.

Specs - Vista Home Premium 64 bit, AMD Phenom 9650 quad core processor, NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT video card, 8 GB ram.

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Try setting Run -> Process priority -> normal or low.
Was previously on normal when it happened. Tried low, didn't help. Sad
Save state without exiting the emulator. F1 to save,F2 to change slot F3 to load
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Ah, thanks. Still would be nice to figure out why it keeps freezing on me, however. x.x;

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