Streamlining User Support in the Forums
I was looking at the support forum and honestly I think it is too cluttered.

What if the Windows support forum was divided by the three major GPU manufacturers?

As it currently stands, AMD and Intel have a lot of compatibility problems with PCSX2. Having dedicated sections for both would only reduce the clutter we get/have now in the Windows support forum; and make it easier to manage users' qurstions. What are your guys thoughts?

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Spreading AMD and NVIDIA seems pointless. A lot of bugs/issues are related to both cards at the same time, so it would be confusing for users to find what they're looking for. I don't mind dedicated sections, but it would have to be different from 'AMD / NVIDIA' stuff. Maybe stuff like 'Graphic Issues, Sound Issues, Game Freezes', etc.
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Too much hassle for little to no gain. unless we're getting hundreds of support thread per day and we assign people to sections, sectioning off the forum is completely pointless
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People won't post in the right place, it will only further confuse the forum layout.
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I think the general discussion and support could be improved with some prefixes, so it's clearer that a thread has already been closed or the issue has been solved. Maybe move them to a subforum like bug reports(the closed ones at least). It would leave more room for threads with valid questions to get noticed.
Quote:I think the general discussion and support could be improved with some prefixes

I agree, I always wanted to suggest the usage of prefixes on support threads but never got around it Tongue

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