Suggestion: keep the folder self contained by default
In the config, always set the default paths (plugins, bios, etc) to the default folder. Im using the 1.7.2 version and had to test with 1.6.0 and it was a mess. Both folders tried to use continuously documents/PCSX2. In the end, I forfeited and use 1.7.2 in that folder... But Id like to be able to move it to any other folder without problems, cause currently Id have to change all the paths in settings.

BTW I use 1.7.2 because it works great and its easier to config and even more intuitive than 1.6.0.

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1.6 uses an installer which installs in program files, meaning it has to put data which is modifiable in your documents folder, due to Microsoft restrictions.

1.7 is a development build, so it is provided as a "portable" build.

You can download a portable version of 1.6 and use that like 1.7, but I wouldn't recommend putting them in the same folder, since settings and ini files will have changed between versions.
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I was using the portable version of 1.6.0. I had both in separate folders somewhere in D:\, but they both are set to default to C:\Docs\PCSX2

It would just be easier to default to current folder/***. Example: CURRFOLDER\bios instead of C:\Docs\PCSX2\bios
well if you have a "portable.ini" file in your pcsx2 folder, it should use current folder.
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The only thing that make pcsx2 act as portable is the "portable.ini" file
If you install pcsx2 using the installed and put that file in there(you can also create it with notepad),psx2 will start working in portable mode,storing everything in the pcsx2 directory
And if you download the beta and delete that file,pcsx2 will act as if you installed it and it will store everything in the Documents\PCSX2 folder on your C drive

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