Suikoden 2 ePSXe Save Data convert help
Hello, I saw an old thread where a a guy posted his Suikoden 2 save data which he played on ePSXe emulator and had the save data converted into another type of file that could be used in Suikoden 3 on PCSX2.

What I am looking for is someone that can do the exact same thing for me because I tried my hardest for like 5+ hours and I just can't seem to figure it out.

Here is my memory card, if anyone chooses to help me please use the game save with the longest time played.

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.rar   epsxe000.rar (Size: 10,2 KB / Downloads: 2.650)

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Can anyone help me?
Wait, you can't convert .mcr files to newer games that's impossible day you would want to convert GTA III to San Andreas save but you can't because it's a different game...
btw if I am not getting what you mean than you should have wrote suidoken version instead of the number because than I can't make up what you mean
Never heard of a ps2 game getting extra info from a ps1 game. Like extras etc. Are you just trying to play the ps1 game with pcsx2? Kind of lost here.
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AFAIK, there's a way to load your suikoden 2 PS1 save at the beginning of suikoden 3 (should allow some extra skills or something like that) on a real PS2.
never tried that kind of operation, but I think mymc should be able to handle that.
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I was using Memcardrex, ps2savebuilder, and myMC to make it possible to use my "ps1" save file from suikoden 2 for suikoden 3, which is for "ps2."

No one can help me so nvm.
I think some time ago .mcr support was implemented, so in latest svn you could just convert your ps1 memory card from whatever format you had it in to .mcr to make it readable and then it should be enough to copy save from ps1 to ps2 memory card in bios because this game seeks ps1 save on ps2 memcard. Earlier we just were dumping ps1 save and building a ps2 one from it which would work on all pcsx2 versions, but I don't remember the details today. Guides for it should be all around the net anyway, just use google and you'll find a few results on this and other forums easily and even based on this game since it was one of the few games people needed to do this for.;p
I have simply tried rename the "epsxe000.mcr" to "Mcd001.ps2" on memcards folder.
It seems recognized it as a PSX format. (Show posted images)
I don't have the Suikoden, so can not go any further.
Is this what you want to know?
(10-09-2013, 10:15 PM)tadatada Wrote: I have simply tried rename the "epsxe000.mcr" to "Mcd001.ps2" on memcards folder.
It seems recognized it as a PSX format. (Show posted images)
I don't have the Suikoden, so can not go any further.
Is this what you want to know?

your method does work, rename the epsxe000.mcr to Mcd001.ps2 and it does read on the PS2 Bios Memcard Manager and reads it as a PS1 memcard as well. when i remade a new PS2 memcard under the config on PCSX2 emu i booted into the PS2 Bios Menu and went into the memcard browser and found both cards PS2 and PS1 and formatted the PS2 card, after that i copied my Suikoden 2 Data from the PS1 card to the PS2 card and booted Suikoden 3 and in fact confirm that when it asked if i wanted to load my Suikoden 2 data and i said yes and selected the memcard slot 1 where the data is, it found it sure enough so i know this method i just did is how he would have to do it without any other utilitys haha.
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In this case the user probably has either managed to solve the issue or is no longer here, this was 2 years ago.
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