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Im trying to play Disgaea 2 but the screen keeps shaking and the sound lag is horrifying, it sounds like they are mentally challenged. I have a Compaq Presario cq60 running windows 7 ultimate.
The graphics card is the Intel Chipset Family, I think.
The processor is Intel ® Celeron ® CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz 2.19 GHz
Ram is 2.00GB
64 bit OS

I would be grateful if someone can tell me if I can run this and if so what settings should I use.

Thank You.

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For the shaking, use F5 to toggle between interlacing modes ingame.
Is the audio issue caused by low fps, or is the game running in full speed otherwise.

Edit: That celeron 900 is a single core right?
If so you will not be able to get full speed as this emulator is very demanding. Your IGP isn't helping either.
CPU: C2D E8400 @ 3.6
GPU: GTX 560Ti 2Gb
MOB: Asus P5QL
RAM: Crucial 4Gb
OS: Windows 7 64bit/XP 32bit
Well I would really appreciate it if someone told me how to get all the specs for my computer. The sound lag is coming from low fps, but when starting up the game it runs at about 100 fps then drops to about 24.
Your laptop can't handle PS1 emulation I wager. I used to have one, a Celeron 560 @ 2.13 Ghz and an onboard GPU, and Final Fantasy VIII on ePSXe ran at 40 fps. With that old machine all I could do was surfing the web and typing some documents. I recommend you the same.
The best thing you can do is to try enabling some speedhacks(don't enable all of them because in some cases some hacks do the opposite thing...lowering your speed).Try enabling/disabling 8bit texture from GSdx(the video plugin)and see if it gives you speed(it is possible to either lower the speed or give you more speed).Also I kinda doubt there will be a problem with this game but try using Async Mix from SPU2-X(the audio plugin)for Synchronizing Mode(it will either give you good sound(like in full speed)or the sound may skip.

From the speed hacks the INTC hack gives you tons of speed on NIS/GUST games

PS.That Windows 7 will slow you down on such laptop

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