(TUT) how to disc swap with DW5XL on pcsx2
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So I have some people on youtube and other forums besides this one who have wondered how disc swap works in dynasty warriors 5 xl on pcsx2..So I gave these instructions to them and it seemed to work for them and already for me of course. So then I decided to give this tutorial to this forum for any of those wanting to know how to disc swap their dw5xl so they can play both dw5 vanilla and XL versions...

Yes I did base my instructions off of  Drax's thread and specifically his post on page 2: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Dynasty-W...VED?page=2 
So any similarities you see, don't be surprised

1.Create three folders, one for dw5xl, dw5 vanilla, and one for the real dw5xl iso that you will create + allow you to play vanilla and xl together
2. Extract dw5 vanilla iso to dw5 vanilla folder and dw5 xl to the xl folder you created
3.From dw5 vanilla's folder > modules, copy and paste file ioprp300 and KOEISND.IRX to modules folder of dw5xl 
4.Do not overwrite anything and allow those two files to copy over to the modules folder
5.  Go to imgburn, Create image file from folders 
6. Source should be your dw5xl file that you copied the two previous files to, destination is your third folder you created in step 1
7.Click build > accept yes for everything, this shouldn't effect anything..Your iso should have been built successfully to your third folder
8. After it is done, go to pcsx2 and load the iso you created in previous step, Game should load normally as XL game
9.Go to Load original, and when it tells you to swap disks > Swap to your dW4 vanilla iso>swap disc
10. game should detect vanilla disc and prompt you to load XL version, re-load your iso you loaded before in #8
11. After a short while, you should be booted back to the menu screen with mosou mode and all other modes unlocked

There ya go, you can play dw5xl and vanilla version together now! Laugh

Tell me if there is any improvements I can make to this guide. Thanks to Drax's instructions for helping me create these steps

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Hey, I followed all steps but after booting the game, it doesn't load and goes to the memory card screen with the Playstation 2 DISC next to it.
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