Tales of Abyss (Again?!) "you loser" D: sorry
Hey hi, i was wondering if there ever was the overworld map fix for tales of abyss.

I recently got hold of my copy (it came with Graces and Graces F for the ps3 gotta love bargain finds)

Anyway system specs are

Q8300 2.5ghz(Up to 3.1ghz)
4GB of Ram
Windows X86.

I mean the game runs fine on normal dungeons and whatnot (Although i still get framerate dips even at 3.1-_-)

I was wondering how to fix the overworld map thingy, Everytime you rotate the camera it kind of stutters, which is quite annoying and not gamebreaking but i assume like the rest of Tales games that i'll get some sort of airship later in the game.

and would love to explore the map without any hitch.
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There is no fix, as far as I remember it does the same in the PS2, it's just demanding at those parts and the game uses some sort of frame skipping to keep up.
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The game itself have bugs,this is not because of pcsx2
Ahh okay, Yeah i vaguely remember that's how i got turned off (And the stupid loading times thanks to our Frame limiter that can be remedied now)

Smile okay question was answered thanks again.
[Image: 2555882.png]

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