Tales of Legendia SW mode
In Tales of Legendia, the shadows are missing during battle in software mode, but OGL hardware displays the shadows fine. Moreover, battles only run half speed with the software renderer, no matter how fast or slow I clock my CPU. I know this is not my PC being too slow because I can run every other game, even GoW fullspeed with software renderer. But the main concern is hardware actually looks correct in this game, but not software.

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Hmm ok,this game is definitely behaving weird
Those are results at the end of battle:
1.In software mode the GS stays at 90%-100% and the console is spamming "GSdx: out-of-memory, texturing temporarily disabled"...the speed is 25FPS and I have 5 threads.
2.In hardware mode I get 135fps at native but the weird this is,I get the same speed on both of my video cards...GTX750TI and HD4600(which is MUCH slower)

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