Tekken 5 Devil Jin - Save file required
Hi I'm looking for tekken 5 everything unlocked save file for pcsx2 but also with Devil Jin Unlocked !

Can't find it anywhere so if you have it plz attach the memcard file here, Thanks in advance.

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There is one by Vsub :

PAL Version :
Save Tekken 5

Search: in google
Tekken 5
no mate it's incomplete ...
try them Tekken 5. Read this
GameFAQ Saves to PCSX2

Download the GameFAQ Ps2 Saves and then convert and use it in PCSX2.
well that's the one I'm already using right now, it has everything unlocked but Devil Jin, and the method to convert ps2 save files is pretty long, I think I will give it a try if no other user uploads the file here Sad
You should post save requests on this thread, please.


Don't make new threads for them. Smile
sorry mate.

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