Try Press F4 but the Limiter not changing to MAX [BUG]
As title says, if want to use Limiter max must manual setting tick in setting

F4 broken


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The limiter toggles work fine for me on the most recent git build. If you're using a laptop, make sure you press the Fn Key and F4 simultaneously.

What exactly isn't working? Does nothing happen when you press F4?
If in the game window title screen the ''Limiter:Normal'' is:
Not changed after pressing F4,then try Fn+F4
Changed after pressing F4 but you don't see any speed gain,then there could be two reasons
1.Your laptop can't give you more(it's not powerful enough)
2.If you are getting full speed with and without pressing F4,then that means vsync is limiting the speed to the screen refresh rate
Try DirectX if your are using OGL to see if that the reason

The last time I check the speed was limited to the screen refresh rate while using OGL and vsync
This is a known issue:

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