Trying to play Persona 4, not sure what's wrong...
The game technically is running fine, except for this

It seems to be some weird black line that shows up and comes down from every single light in the room. Also I get really weird shadows coming from my character, it seems to cut the shadow in half.

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I'm pretty sure that specific one isn't a problem just a pull string for the light. Also for the shadow issues are you just having them fade out or look weird. Cause if it's the latter it's a side effect of forcing AA.
I suppose I can ask here rather than making a new thread, because my problem is about Persona 4 as well. The game is running fine so far, but it's running quite slow with just 20-30 fps. My settings and plugins are mostly set on default for 0.9.8, as follows:
GS: GSdx 4600 [gsdx-sse2-r-4600]
PAD: LilyPad svn (r4510)
and the rest is default for USB, FW and DEV9.

For the configuration I mostly use the default setting as well, only changing a few things:
- Enable manual game fixes to enable VU Clip Flag Hack, and as such I change the VU to SuperVU to make it compatible
- Change Clamp mode in EE/IOP and VU to none instead of normal
- Check the Dynamically toggle Vsync depending on frame rate in GS window
- No speedhacks, and disable framelimiting in GS

There shouldn't be too much of a change, so maybe it's due to my laptop? Here's my specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Processor: Intel® Core™i5-2410 CPU @2.30 Ghz
RAM: 8.00 GB (2.99 GB usable)
32 bit operating system

They aren't exactly the best I know, but I was hoping that it's at least enough to run this game in top speed...I'm not very good at computer stuff, so any help will be very much appreciated.
@senahoy1991 Your problem isn't really related to the topic to bust in like that with your problem.
Your cpu is pretty slow, you also doesn't say a word about gpu(look at EE/GS% at the top of the window with the game running if any hits 95-100% - EE your cpu is slow, GS - gpu). For weak cpu experiment with speedhacks starting from at least recommended ones adding others, especially trying EE cyclerate as this seems to give a bit to this game. Vsync isn't needed at all if you have aero in windows. If you have weak gpu, change GSdx to native or lower, turn off texture filtering. Use microVU and turn off manual game fixes. I guess that fix was needed for superVU, but doesn't mean the game will not work on microVUTongue.
Also not related anyway to emulation speed, but huge LOL from buying a 32 bit OS to 8gb of ram... Ohmy
Yeah, I guess I was hijacking the thread, I figure the question seem to be answered anyway and the title fits...but I guess it really should have been better for me to make anew thread.

Oh yeah, about the EE/GS, it changes all the time but roughly for EE it's ranging from about 30-40%, and for the GS it's from 10-20%. I've done what you suggested, and it speeds things up a bit but still not running at its best, I suppose that's because the limitation of my laptop and not due to mistake in configuration or anything. And it is weird yeah, but my old laptop is even worse and I unexpectedly got this one as a free gift, so just make best of what I have right now. Thanks for your help.

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