Understanding how to find widescreen / field of view address
Hey guys, I been trying to figure out how to find the addresses that holds the horizontal axis ratio
I have managed to find the zoom / field of view address for Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 using this guide:
the address is: 202D29A4, convert the 4 bytes into a float, changed 1 to 2, and it zooms out, however i cannot figure out how to change only the horizontal axis and not both
I have found the vertical axis field of view: 202D29BC, looking at addresses next to it but still no luck for horizontal

Ive gotten to grips with cheat engine and the widescreen helper, but there is some things that dont add up to me, i found some pnach files for:

gametitle=Tony Hawk's Underground (SLUS-20731)

gametitle=Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam SLUS_214.56
comment=Widescreen Hack
//d0ffbd27003f013c00108144 to d0ffbd27103f013c00108144
//00000000aa3f013cabaa213400608144 to 00000000e33f013c398e213400608144

gametitle=Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 (SLPM-65190)
comment=Widescreen hack by BloodRaynare
patch=1,EE,0017c760,word,3c013ff3 //3c013fb6
patch=1,EE,0017c764,word,3421cf00 //3421db40
patch=1,EE,0017e6d8,word,3c013ff3 //3c013fb6
patch=1,EE,0017e6dc,word,3421cf00 //3421db40
patch=1,EE,001f78e4,word,3c013ff3 //3c013fb6
patch=1,EE,001f78e8,word,3421cf00 //3421db40
patch=1,EE,001fcb70,word,3c013ff3 //3c013fb6
patch=1,EE,001fcb74,word,3421cf00 //3421db40
patch=1,EE,001fd00c,word,3c013ff3 //3c013fb6
patch=1,EE,001fd010,word,3421cf00 //3421db40

to try to understand whats going on, but what doesnt add up to me from all the guides i seen in finding the addresses, they all state search these ranges:
Memory Scan Options: Start: 20000000
Memory Scan Options: End: 21FFFFFF
why are we searching those ranges if the codes above use addresses like:
thats 00100000-00300000 range

im not after someone to do the work for me, i would like to learn but these tutorials seem a bit backwards, or missing quiet a big chunk of explanations

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I figured it out by using vertical address + field of view, didnt even need the horizontal address Laugh

//gametitle=Tony Hawks Professional Skater 4 (SLES-51130) (EU) PAL

//Ultra Widescreen 21:9
//Only enable one or the other Field of View mod
//By TMProjection
patch=1,EE,202D29BC,word,401851EC //Vertical Camera Ratio, this corrects the Aspect Ratio, but will be really zoomed in as its the vertical ratio
//patch=1,EE,202D29A4,word,3FE3D70A //Field of View, this zooms out to default zoom
patch=1,EE,202D29A4,word,40200000 //Field of View, this zooms out further than default zoom

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