Unlock 2 player mode in Onimusha DoD with keyboard alone
The mode is so hard to unlock with keyboard because it does not support multiple keys pressed at the same time.
Quote:At the title screen, both players hold R1+R2+L1+L2. Then the 2nd player press START, and there will have sound effect if the code is entered successfully
Anyone know how to config controller plugin so I can do that. Thanks.

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I can't even do it with gamepad(set the start button for the first controller to some key on the keyboard and set the start button of the gamepad as a start button for the second controller...that way I can use the combo like its R1+R2+L1+L2+Start on the first controller only but it's still not working)

I have it enabled on my PS2 save but I can't do it on pcsx2

Edit:Which version of the game you have

I set all the buttons needed to the same 4 buttons of keyboard and mouse. Press all of them then start, but nothing happen.
There is a cheat that enable everything in Special,but I'm not sure if that apply to 2 player mode too.
Do you want it?

If yes,then tell me the crc...start the game and search in the console for something like this
ELF (cdrom0:\SLUS_217.88;1) Game CRC = 0xF95F37EE, EntryPoint = 0x0010001C

Thank you
Don't keep this code always enabled,just enable the cheats=>start the game with it=>save to the memory card and restart pcsx2 with cheats disabled

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The patch does not enable 2 player mode. Costums are great though.

But I was success to unlock anyway Smile). Used keyboard alone. Only need R2+L1 for both players then Start by player 2.

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