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I was experimenting with my recently OCd CPU, when windows crashed while I was playing Persona 4. Obviously, It was not a good OC.
After I rebooted, I had to reconfigure PCSX2 entirelly, and my savestates are somewhat lost.
This is what the console shows when I try to load it.
Normal saves are still working, but I did a couple of dungeons without saving.

Is there any solution to this? Or is it just corrupted?

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it's a null save, just start over
delete the corrupted file if for some reason it prevents overwriting. Sometimes deleting such (sorry I should not spell the wanted word here) corrupted files is a pain in the neck, report back if it's the case.
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PCSX2 just overwrote it, and I'm using savestates again.
I just lost a couple of hours. Oh well, back to dungeon crawling!
Thanks for the info.

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