Use relative paths instead of absolute paths
I usually install many programs and games to my USB flashdrive, cause I never know which work computer I'll be using.

Most games work just fine this way, but some won't remember settings as they are stored to user folders or registry keys.

This program is great, but whenever I get to a new computer and run it, it wants to find roms and bioses in the default paths again (reading these from registry?) and I have to set it to my flash drive again, E:\games\PCSX2 in this case. But on the other computer it's I:\ drive letter, but the relative path will never change.

Would it be possible to modify the program/installer to use relative paths instead and store settings locally in the PCSX2 folder?

So my path would be "..\games\PCSX2" and it wouldn't matter what drive letter a computer assigned my flash drive.

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Create a file named portable and with ini extension
Inside it type RunWizard=0

My games are in a folder called games inside the pcsx2 folder and by looking at the pcsx2_ui.ini,the paths are relative,not absolute
Awesome, loving this forum so far, amazing members. If this was in the FAQ sorry if I missed it, but I did look it over.
That's how the portable version of pcsx2 probably used the installer version and copied the installed files to your flash drive
That is exactly what I did, I did not see an installer for portable version. Smile
The portable version is just an archive which you extract where ever you want
The portable version tries to use relative paths as much as it can, as follows:
- If it's within the pcsx2 dir then it's relative to the pcsx2 dir (e.g. "games\ico.iso").
- Else if it's at the same drive-letter as the pcsx2 folder, then it's relative to the drive root (e.g. "\games\ico.iso").
- Else it's absolute (e.g. "d:\games\ico.iso").

The middle "rule" allows to have few portable dirs on a thumbdrive and then an ISO dir which is someplace on that drive, and it will still work even if you move the thumbdrive between systems and it gets a different drive letter on each system - even when the ISOs dir is not inside the pcsx2 dir.

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