Using code breaker with pcsx2 1.2.1 version
Code breaker v10 iso(NTSC)

So i heared that in 1.2.1 your'e supposed to use PNACH files but i dont know how to make them or find them so i used codebreaker on pcsx2 0.9.8

After activating cheats in the codebreaker menu i swap the disk to GTA4.ISO (Gran Turismo 4) And pcsx2 loads it , reaches the first screen of the game which is credits and the in the real world use a seatbelt blah blah blah....

Works on pcsx2 0.9.8 but when i try to drive my screen looks like this... [Image: qfekqiW.png?1] Wow , such pixles , much view

So i went to the settings and tinkered with it abit and found out that only Software D3D works (i got the Dx11 and d3d working only) while on 1.2.1 i used hardware for max FPS

So i thought maybe i can put the cheats on and move to 1.2.1 so i can have both the save (unlocked alot of stuff here) and the 60FPS
but i was wrong and the only thing that works was the trillion credits and that nothing decreases money

reasons i tried using the cheats : All gold license (B , A , iA , iB , Super) basicaly skipping the license part its really annoying , have alot of credtis (trillion credits) and that everything i buy , my money doesnt decrease.

So now im stuck with this and i really want to put the cheats on the 1.2.1 version , how do i do that?

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Ive recieved a pnach file from a user in the forum , requesting lock \ post delete Smile
Thread locked on request by OP.

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