Very Low FPS
Hello everyone !

I just have installed and configured PCSX2 and run the backup of the game "DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi". Everything is ok, the FPS is around 60-70. But when i wanna start a battle, and when the 3D is on, the game is very slow, and the FPS is about 1.4. I don't think its normal because i have a MacBook with 2Go RAM from 2009. Does anybody have an idea ? Maybe my configuration is wrong, but i really don't understand.

I think you see how bad is my english. It's because I'm French, and I'm 16. So its a real challenge for you to explain to me where is the problem. Please try to speak easily, or i will kill myself.

Thank you, Alex.

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The problem is you have a mac
or i will kill myself
Ooops call the ambulanceOhmy

Sorry about the mac joke, somebody would wrote it sooner or laterTongue.

Jokes aside, DBZ Budokai and DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi series can be a bit demanding even in windows except BT3(which works exceptionally fast). BT1 is probably one of the slowest in the series, soo it's possible this mac is simply too slow for it. If you have just 1.4 fps when 3D scenes start, probably your GPU or whatever they call it in macs(mac integra? Laugh ) is too weak. This series 3D scenes require a pretty decent graphic card, if you don't have such, well not much you can do about it, except maybe watching youtube on fullscreen of BT gameplay to feel like playing it yourself:].

Wait, did you said you'll kill yourself when reply will be too complicated? Aw damn... one 16 yo less in the world... O.o;

I edit it here to make this post complete while not making false hopes to mac users:]
But I must say latest gif code rewrite(from a few hours agoTongue) made this series less demanding by CPU, still need a decent GPU, and also this will probably not apply for MAC for a rather long time. Soo pretty useless info here.:]
Strangely, I almost understood everything ! Ok so I just have to test PCSX2 with another game. Thanks for the quick reply. And I dont understand your first joke... Poor french such as myself ..
You see "having a MAC" is a joke itself for for many PCSX2 users. Tongue
Mac version is generally quite outdated in compare to windows, worked on by one person which doesn't get much help from other mac users, just constant demands:], maybe upgrading GS plugin could help a bit
But if you have slow GPU inside your macbook, which is rather highly possible - you'll not have good results with probably any game on this emu.
Ok i will try thank you lot Windows user and thanks for the english lesson Smile

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