Well folks, I installed pcsx2 in ubuntu 11.10 and did the necessary settings, including bios. until then fine, when I started the first game, he started to run, but the image is not legal, the video is all checkered, looking more like a bitmap image and is unable to play.
If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
thank you

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What do you mean by image is not legal. You shouldn't pirate. Make a ISO of your own Disk by ImgBurn(probably via wine) or any other linux software. Make sure the DVD is fine.

Try using the GSDX-OGL. Anyways what game are you trying to play?

Please post/move it in the Linux Forums.
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Before this thread get's closed - I think by saying "image is not legal" he rather ment the glitchy graphics not dvd image;P, it's rather obvious his english is pretty bad and he talks about video output;]. Wrong section through.
Perhaps he is using hardware mode? If that's the case switch to software mode. Also make sure proprietary drivers for GPU are used.
It is because you force anisotropic filtering on your GPU drivers. If you remove it, it would be better Wink
FWIW, the original poster was probably trolled by a translation software/site, because "legal" would be "cool" or "good" in portuguese. And I bet he is brazilian or something close.

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