Video stops working after playing for about an hour
So, as the title says. I couldn't find anything about this while searching. I've had this happen with .hack//infection and Dragon Quest VIII. The games will run perfectly fine for roughly an hour, and then the video will suddenly freeze. The game is still running; I can walk around and hear footsteps or the sounds of opening a menu and navigating it, but the video stays stuck. Loading a savestate won't fix it, but, if at this point I save a state, that state will then load perfectly fine after restarting PCSX2. Lastly, closing PCSX2 or pausing or shutting down the game when it's in this state will cause it to crash.

Anyone have any ideas on what's causing this or how to fix it? If more information is needed I'll provide all I can.

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You should start from listing pcsx2 version and any non-default settings you're using, especially anything described as hack.

My blind guess would be MSAA or any other GSdx hack or even too high internal res, since that weird part about saving state at frozen screen allowing to continue later seems impossible if it would freeze/crash cause of pcsx2 core emulation bug. While GS state is pretty non essential allowing even a switch between totally different plugins and still successfully loading.
Could also be something at your system through, not sure about Hack// now, but DQ is for sure graphically demanding, if you use too high internal res(and MSAA multiplies that + possibly adding some memory leeks;p) your gpu could run out of memory or fail in any other way.
Right, should've listed the basics.
I'm using 1.0.0 r5350. For video I've been using D3D11 (Hardware), 4x native resolution. No shade boost, texture filtering on, 8-bit textures on, no hacks. 0 extra rendering threads and edge anti-aliasing turned on.
I don't have any speedhacks turned on. Pretty sure I've got nothing set as non-default anywhere else.
Not sure that it's related to the game being demanding, since I've also been playing Armored Core Nexus, which is another quite demanding game- it runs a lot slower than DQ8 does. In any case, I'm using an i7 950 @ 3.07GHz, and a GTX 660 Ti. For the most part DQ8 runs at 60FPS, just dropping down to around 45-50 when looking at say, waterfalls. .hack//infection was a pretty stable 60.

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