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Hi, I just downloaded and installed this emulator, but I can't get my game to work. I am trying to play Devil May Cry and when I load the iso and press Reboot CDVD it loads the logo and then does this thing.

[Image: dyr3.png]

Now, maybe I am stupid or something (I am not really good with those things) but I can't press the keys or select the language or do ANYTHING.

Thanks for the help

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Try this
CDVD=>Iso Selector=>Browse=>Choose the game
System=>Boot CDVD (Fast)
Maaaan!! xD GOD I want to slap myself. Thank you so much!
One more thing, please don't kill me: I can't make it go slowly, it goes really fast and it annoys me. How do i do it?
Press F4 to turn the frame limiter on
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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