What Settings for Star Ocean 3?
Hi everyone.
Can someone give me some working Settings for Star Ocean 3?
The Game itself is working, and I also get past the title screen, but then everyone is like slow-mo.

My Computer:
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @2.50 Ghz
6GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce GT230 1,5GB

Edit: I saw someone running this game with ''GSdx 3068 (SSE4.1) 0.1.16''
Where can I download that one?

#EditEdit: The Cinematic Intro runs with 60 fps , but when the game starts its ***** laggy Sad

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Start by trying the latest beta if you're not doing it already, then show us your settings so we can help better.
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Downloaded it.
Disabled Speedhacks an now it runs from 30-70 fps. Thats too fast or too slow.

Edit: Ah I just found out, that the speedhacks weren't disabled..
Edit2: Added Settings.
[Image: pcsx2appsettingsplugins.th.png]

[Image: pcsx2coresettingsgamefi.th.png]

[Image: pcsx2coresettingsspeedh.th.png]

[Image: pcsx2gssettings.th.png]
Added Settings Wink

#Wackoorry, wrote into the wrong Square Sad
I just got this game aswell and I was also wondering what some decent settings are for this game. My version of PCSX2 is in my sig, just like my pc specs Smile I have Speedhack enabled (See Picture below which ones I turned on) just like the Tri-Ace Fix. But I still get around 30-ish FPS Smile Is this another game where u need to have atleast a 3 ghz CPU like Xenosaga??

My Game Version is: SLUS_204.88 CRC = 23A97857

My Plugins are:

[Image: 5bepow.png]

And my Speedhack settings are:

[Image: 21b7ryq.png]

Hope u folks can help me with some settings that I get a better FPS.
If I recall correctly this game accepts EE one step and vu one or two steps (with some lag in the last one, but still worth a try).
you have a good video card, but still should try the native resolution while toying with the speed hacks, once you get the best from it you'll want to return and enhance the visual quality without losing much of the obtained performance. The reason to this recommendation being in emulation the CPU gets a bit more overhead from graphics enhancements it would in native games.

The above is conservative, it may be need a bit more aggressiveness since the CPU is the main bottleneck. Although some method in applying speed hacks is good, there is no best universal settings for some game, what exist is the best one for certain game under certain rig. That that seems the better for you is the better for you.

For the OP: both CPU and GPU are a bit weak for the emulator though, what complicate things. The above still applies, less the the part of trying more than 2x scale and this may be preferable than 1x depending on the values in the box. Native probably is what the VC can do without getting 98%+ most time in the GS and the consequences of it.
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well in Native it runs even 5 fps slower then in Dx10/11 Hardware heh. So apparently my cpu is still the biggest bottleneck. That kinda sux though, since I'm not rich and it would take me years for a new cpu, even if I want to have a new one. Also I overclocked my 5770 Core from 850 to 900. Either way I guess I'm kinda screwed with this game then huh?? Smile
Sorry? for native do you mean software mode? if so it's not that, it's a little box and fixates the resolution like the same originally used in the game.

The video card should be enough for any PS2 game without overclock, but if it's stable it does not hurts (beware only the temps).

The CPU is the major bottleneck there (the architecture is old, what negates the clock # When compared with newer ones), but should work in that game with VU cycle stealing in the second step, EE cyclerate in the first and the recommended hacks on, still some lag is to be expected although not in all parts.

Just do not go deep on the internal resolution, the video card is good but graphics on emulation puts a heavier toll on the CPU than native games. Try lower resolutions first and increase it until the best balance for you.
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well when I change the internal resolution to whichever my monitor can support or if I put it on native resolution it doesn't run any faster, so I still guess it's my cpu that's the bottleneck unfortunate. Such ashame I like this game quite a lot, but to play this game with 30 fps, while 59,97 fps is the normal speed. I guess I need to play this game then with the slow fps. Smile
Hi. Sorry for the necropost but i figured something out for people like me who found their in game fps dropping to between 7 and 12 frames per second on the new beta. After playing with the new beta and finding no solvent for my extreme problem, I decided to see what i could do on my legacy version of pcsx2. After turning on the fix my game immediately ran smoothly without any speed hacks or the like. Although i may just be extremely lucky this may work for others who need to solve this problem.

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