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What is goin on with latest SVN builds?
I can understand that however if the service does not work properly (which clear it isn't according to this thread) than why use it?!

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Dropbox has a limit of 2gb per account and also has downloads abuse filters
Edit: Dude did you completely miss the whole branch conversation above? It works perfectly fine.
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Stop making a fool of yourself without knowing what you are talking about. We are on a dedicated server (do you even know what that is..?) which costs 200 euro per month, with a 100 mbit line. $1,86 per month is for an exchange mail server, so you probably didn't even read the start page for 2 seconds before posting that.

Donations are about 10 dollars per month (at good times Tongue ) so instead of complaining for stuff that works properly and are free, get your facts straight.
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