Where can I find the best settings for various games? Should we create a wiki?
I'm new to PCSX2 but I've been reading through the forums trying to learn as much as I can and I keep finding posts such as "What are the best settings for xxxxxx?"

Does a Wiki (or anything) exist explaining the best settings for individual games?

If one doesn't exist, then why doesn't somebody create it? I'd be more than happy to start something and I think it would be EXTREMELY helpful to everybody (especially me!)

Why do you guys think?

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Maybe this will be useful for you
If a wiki is made, the most important detail would be to preface any "recommended configuration" with the dates/versions, and hardware used by the wiki-contributor. Also useful might be a more detailed, standardized emulation rating to describe various levels of playability. PCSX2 has reached the point where many games can achieve near-perfect emulation with enough CPU power, so the top end ("yes, it's Playable -- but how playable?") needs more detail.

Ideally, the wiki would first be filled with non-game-specific settings from people who have made the various guides here on the forum.

I wouldn't mind contributing what I've learned about the handful of games I've played in near-perfect emulation. Each time I want to try another game I own, my first stop is to "search by title" here by the game name; much of the information is sort of stale (referring to old versions).
I would support a wiki, but it would need to have a lot of stuff. Like Goetter said, it should have more than Playable Y/N (like the current compat list: "LOLZ constant 14 fps = playable!1!1!!one!!!). I would set it up like this:
A list of games. People can add or contribute to the list of games.
Each game would have user feedback (sort of "reviews") of how well the game ran (FPS, choppiness, graphical glitches, crashing, etc. all taken into account). As opposed to one article, it should be more like a series of reviews.
Each "review" should include what svn/version of PCSX2 was used, the config they used, and their computer's specs.

That's a pretty basic idea of what I think would be good. Just, don't expect the PSCX2 team to really help or be affiliated in any way. It should be an independent project by the users of PCSX2.
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No. It's useless.

First, many settings are cpu and OS dependent.

Second, people are moron and will post *****, unaccurate, or just plain wrong reports
Wikis are generally moron-proof, as long as non-moron 'enthusiasts' outnumber moron 'enthusiasts'.
This has been suggested and debated many times, best way to know if it'll work is to try.
(03-19-2009, 02:54 PM)Nneeve Wrote: Wikis are generally moron-proof, as long as non-moron 'enthusiasts' outnumber moron 'enthusiasts'.
This has been suggested and debated many times, best way to know if it'll work is to try.

This is pcsx2. Moron enthusiasts outnumbers the non morons 10000 to one. Regardless, it still remains a fact that settings do depend on hardware layout way too much.
Remember, the number of unintellegent people in any forum will always appear a bit skewed because
a) They are more likely to post questions.
b) They will post more often, generally.
c) Their posts stick in your mind more then the more intellegent ones.

I do tech support for a living, so I'm very familiar with the phenomenon.

As Krakatos mentioned, how well a game works being very dependant on hardware, settings, plugins used, and the version of Pcsx2. As such, I would not expect to be able to just look at a list and see "This game runs well; this one is broken". Any wiki should make *all* of these factors required when submitting an entry.

I could see something like the wine app hq, though:

Also, keep in mind that a wiki would need maintanance on a regular basis. I have seen wikis that weren't maintained, where half the pages have turned into spam. I'd point to www.rubygarden.org for an example, but it looks like it's been taken down for just that reason.

So anyone creating one would have to be ready for the effort of maintaining it. Don't know how well it would work, but sometimes the best way to find out is to try. Of course, as With Teeth said, any wiki should really be independant of the team...
I've started setting up a Wiki and it's located here: http://www.lagworld.net/wiki

I've copied a bunch of material from the forums to the Wiki but I'm afraid of putting a ton of work into it unless I see that people are going to use it.

Did you guys want to give it a quick look and tell me what you think?

Also, feel free to contribute and/or edit anything at all.
You'll have to "promote" your wiki yourself, we won't make this official (too much work to maintain/moderate it).
But generally we hope you have success with it.
One suggestion though:
Try to focus only one game compatibility and not on everything pcsx2 related.
This is out of the scope and very hard to keep up to date Tongue2

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