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Which are the best PC requirements in order to use PCSX2?
Sorry I meant smartstrike when he said
(07-09-2018, 04:52 AM)smartstrike Wrote: that specs is enough to run
you may even match with my old rig post on my siggy.
So we just had a cluster of miss understanding here. I did start it.

I do agree that generally most laptop power and cooling systems are not up to handling the sustained demands on a CPU that emulation demands.

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no biggie man.. wasn't actually snipping at ya, figured if there was confusion, I might as well state my point more accurately anyways.
amd tr 1950x 
asrock x399 taichi
XFX Radeon rx570
32gb gskill ddr4-3200
Windows 10 Pro
Custom loop water cooled
nzxt 340 case
Yeah the i7 8750h and the 1050 ti will do quite well for PCSX2. I have NOT had any issues with my Sager Laptop with an i7 7700HQ and 1060. No throttling here and I play for hours on this system.

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