Why I have this question all the time
Of the ps2, bleach blade battle worked , now of my computer with Pcsx 2 0.98 4600,it asks me the same questions.First i come to the first question then it ask a second question, and finally i come back to the first question. Like a cycle again and again. I can't play
I would be happy if someone can give me information.

thank you

Sorry,I think ,I am in the wrong section

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The game is asking you to create a memory card save and you're saying "no".
Then it's asking you if you want to continue without the save and you're saying "no" again.
I do the opposite and i came back again .I choose "yes ".
Now i cross the answer but i came back too

I think perhaps, i must do something to the folder of the memory.
Perhaps the folder is full.I need a empty folder for this game?
First you must know what it says. It you only know that it asks you the "first question", then the "second question", so don't play it.

I encountered the same problem with the international version of FFX, which was given for free when I bought the PS2. It asked me to choose the language and Sphere Grid type, then a confirmation dialog. All were in Japanese. I spent 15 mins to mess with these dialogs and finally selected Japanese. I left it be for a month until I understood what the questions were. There is no fun playing a game that you do not understand. I recommend you the same.
Perhaps , my english is too bad. when i installed the last year Pcsx 2, and i made something wrong...
Just a stupid question...after selecting yes(the left one)you are pressing circle right?
Because on Japanese games O is ok and X is no

(12-28-2011, 03:34 PM)Livy Wrote: There is no fun playing a game that you do not understand. I recommend you the same.

That's not really true(well at least for me),I cleared Tales of Destiny Remake at least 2 or 3 times and that game is Japanese only and I barely understand Japanese(more from talking and less from reading)
use the hiragana and katakana tables to translate to romaji and an online japanese-english dictionary like this here.

enjoy learning japanese while you play the game. Wink but I can assure you this won't be enough. some kanji are pure japanese knowledge. they won't translate using a machine. Tongue
Thank you VSub ,it was that .I didn't know.
thank you for the translation :Rama
Vsub is right Smile I'm playing atm Super Robot Taisen OG on my NDS and the voices are japanese, now I'm watching a crapload of Anime so I do know some words they say, but not all of them. The Text/storyline is in english though.
The 2 simple japanese kana to learn here are for yes and no.
They mean 'hai' and 'iie' and you will encounter them a lot! Tongue2

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