Why is memcards folder in blue?
I'm curious about something.
The Memory Card folder and files have the name in blue instead of black like every other file/folder. Why is that?
I mean, why does windows show files in blue and why specifically do only these files in the emulator folder cause windows to show them in blue.


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Thanks for the link.
However, when I copy the file to a pendrive and then to another PC, the file shows in black, not blue, and the size is the same. And if I copy that file back to my PC, it also shows in black. It changes back to blue when the emulator uses it.
Anyway, there's still the question about why do only the Memory Card files are in blue (compressed) and not the rest.
The files are in compressed state only when they are on the hdd on which there were set as compressed.

And about the other question...when pcsx2 creates the folder and the cards,he set that attribute to all files inside the folder.

It's just shrunking the cards to not take much space.
When the cards are new(nothing inside),they are actually much smaller that when you fill them with saves.

If you create bunch of 64mb cards and don't compress them,each one will always take 64mb free space but if you compress them,they will take 64mb only when you fill them with saves(no more free space to save games)
I see.
Thanks for the answer!

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