Why is the game run in slowmotion?
I hope i posted to the right place.
I have a little problem with running FF X-2 because it runs like i have some slowmotion on.
FPS is max everything is fine but the slowmo thing makes it unplayable.
No i hadnt tried any other game and i run it from DVD (not from ISO).
If anyone could help me please do.

I have Win7 Ultimate
AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor (3GHz dual core)
And a ATI radeon HD 5770 VGA

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Are you using speedhacks(using them in most of the cases gives you false fps...it may show 60fps but it's not)
use a iso format.. cause DVD to pcsx2 really gives slowdown.. and try not using any speed hacks.. cause they give false fps reading..

Go to speedhacks and disable vu cycle stealing.
well guys... before he go there take note that hes playing with CD which is not healthy with the emu..

a DVD can slow down the emu yes, but not always, and only for a short period of time so it can load
the slowdown you will get by using the physical CD or DVD usally depends on the DVD/CD drive's spin up time.
and as darkvirus said using speedhacks give false fps readings (especially the VU cycle stealing).

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