Will Motion blue ever be added? Or other unlikely things?
Okay, so i've been doing normal stuff, been playing through 60FPS patched Kingdom Hearts games, but over time, one thing bothered me, With things like DDR4 RAM being released VERY soon, And the GTX 790 and GTX Titan Ultra being rumored, yet are probably real things that are coming, I Think computers should be powerful enough to run PCSX2 at even higher settings than the highest currently available. I Think motion blur is reasonable to have at this point, And if possible, light shaders for more realistic lighting in PS2 games like Kingdom Hearts II, or Dark Cloud, Or any 3D PS2 game in general. And I don't see why anisotropic filtering shouldn't be implemented by now, unless the PS2 already had that. I'm not quite an expert at these kind of things, so I don't know if these are possible to implement in later versions of PCSX2, but computers are certainly powerful enough for those kind of graphics by now.

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It hasn't been a case of we don't emulate it because it's slow per-sé, but more a case of directx cant emulate it the way the ps2 does it. There "might" be a way in the future to work around it and fix it, but I can't promise anything.
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Well hopefully, It can get done sometime this year or next year, Computers are certainly fast enough already to handle those kind of graphics, so why the heck not? We might as well develop that kind of thing now. I'd make PCSX2 look even better, I Know that.
The Directx API isn't very good.
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So really, probably only basic things will be added?
It isn't as simple as just adding it and your good to go. Especially, when it's something the PS2 doesn't support natively. Adding these features for a single game on PC is fine. But, with emulation it has to be implemented, and work for many, many different games.

Anisotropic filtering is actually not natively supported by the PS2, at all. If you look here you'll see that anisotropic filtering (along with other things), is actually in the process of being tested. So, if you would like to test it as well, it's there.

Suggestions are great, but maybe try be a little less strong with your opinion until you have a better understanding of how these things work Smile
have to agree with the coders. anisotropic filtering is on the way. motion blur like a pc game does is pretty much impossible cause nothing is there to capture the motion data from. lighting shaders are one tough thing. not impossible but hard to make work for all of the games and hard to make it look good. and the core of the games are closed emulation. the only thing accesible is the GS painting colored polygons. this is the limitation on how much data one can get from the emulation to do all that. you get this @zack?
I usually turn off motion blur in games that have it. It's distracting and can sometimes make me dizzy. It's not even realistic as some people say, since the human eye darts around to look at things rather than staying fixed while moving one's head. It isn't a camera.

But anisoptropic filtering would be nice.
Ainostropic filtering is pretty much done. Some game it helps more than others, but see for instance my Burnout 3 screenshot here:
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If your monitor doesn't have a strobing backlight, then congratulations, you already have motion blur enabled. Forever.

*Impatiently waiting for the new G-Sync monitors*
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