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Will load times improve vs a real PS2?
Searched and couldn't find an answer to this...
I've got several PS2 games sitting around that I could never stand to finish due to horrible load times. Assuming they work in in PCSX2, would I notice any improvement, due to reading from an image file instead? Or are timings coded into the games to account for the PS2's drive speed, and so would not improve?

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If you make an image of them and your pc is good enough to emulated them at full speed,you'll definitely see a difference in the load times(it's MUCH faster on pcsx2 with image of the game on your hdd)
By default, no. They will load at the same speed because faster speed can cause compatibility issues. There is a speed hack that allows the game to load as fast as your PC will allow, but this is known to break many games. This compatibility fault is pretty much the same as the PS2 hdd loader and there is a compatibility list floating on the internet somewhere to give you an idea which games it will and won't work for.
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(05-28-2011, 09:18 PM)Koji Wrote: By default, no.

Actually by default yes, even running from the original disc can be faster (with the disadvantage of stuttering when games continuously read the disc). There will be an even greater improvement when reading from image files but depends on the game, some games still wait even after everything has been loaded, not much can be done for those Tongue2
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Improve load times with F4. Wink
Right, that much could be done for those too Tongue2
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