Would some one make this save games plz?
Hello my friends
I downloaded 3 saves from "gamefaqs.com" but unfortunately I cant use them I followed the structure in this page
but in the step 27 the screen is blank
So would someone plz help me and make these 3 save games usable for me? (I attached the saves files)
please give them inside the "Mcd001.ps2" and "Mcd002.ps2" files
I will be thankful
sorry for my stupid request

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.zip   Saves.zip (Size: 81,45 KB / Downloads: 166)

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anybody can help?
That's a very old guide, try this one:

Using mymc is much much easier but if you still need someone else to convert memcards for you try this thread instead of posting in an unrelated section Tongue
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