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Xenosaga episode 1 yet again
Great =) If it works in those rendered cutscenes then its awesome cuz i can get by those few lagging points but cutscenes are what i need the most ^^
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For the 9001st time: Clamping etc are EE things, but the slowdown in cutscenes and mech battles are GS related. You might get overall better performance with lower clamping though, because a Core2Quad at mere 2,4GHz might also bottleneck Xenosaga. It is mainly a GPU-hog but also needs a potent CPU.
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in the meantime I try to record in this game is already throwing me from the game and opens the ps2 browser menu. Do you know why this is happening?
many save points are broken in XenoSaga 1 and theres no way to fix it except wait for the next save point that comes along
Just a tip from my personal experience: when battling with mechs, use Software Mode. You may gain some FPS.

And alsays use save state before trying to access a save point.

Otherwise the game worked fine @2x resolution.
The odd thing for me. You all say it is GPU intensive. My gpu/CPU dosen't go over 45% dut it still gives me crazy slowdowns. I read all the things here and even in Software mode it still runs slow for me. I know this game is still hard as hell for the emulator to run.
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um no
Xenosaga 1 is Cpu intensive down to the letter

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