a little help if no one minds
Hay everyone i just joined and i was wondering if anyone would mind giving me a little help
I have everything set up ok i got my bios setup and everything like that all the plugins setup fine
sound is cool thats working so is my pad and stuff

the problem am having is

am playing my dragon ball z bt 3 and on the menu its fine no flickering

but when am in a battle the game is flicking and my computer is fine

windows 7 i5 2.67 4 gb ram gtx 285 so it supports dx10 and i got it setup on dx 10 hardware

so its like the land and stuff in the game is flickering wonding if anyone could help maybe if they understand what am talking about ( not fps flicking am getting 50 fps 100% of the time)

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pcsx2 setup?

wich version?
gdx setings?

we need more info to help you out.
please make sure you are using the 0.9.7 beta available on the main site, as far as i can see, all the DBZ games are playable on the latest build.
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here is a pic of the setup i think could you

and i don't have any of the speed hack things on

and what you mean by gdx settings

ohh the pcsx2 version am using is the (PCSX2 5th oct 2010 (hope that helps)

What about your other settings? like the recompilers etc, what are they all set to?
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do you mean pics of the other plugins like the pad,spu2 cdvd usb fw and dev9?
no in config->emulator settings

you have sections for the recompiler, game fixes etc, can you take screenshots of all them too? thanks Smile
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ahh yea thanks i found it hope this screen shot is ok

and sorry to keep you waiting

Sorry for the late reply, just got to see this thread again!! Did a little bit of research. if you change "Direct3D10 (Hardware)" in GSDX settings to "Direct3D10 (Software)" that should solve your issue, however it might be a little slow (dont forget to set your Rendering threads to 7!)

There was talk of the GSDX "alpha hack" however im not sure how to enable that Sad I presume by using the skipdraw settings, which you will need to look around on the forum on how to use them
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GSdx hack subsection in the configuration guide for the alpha hack:

As far as I know some people with this problem use older GSdx versions like 0.1.4 or 0.1.7 or something like that too Tongue2
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