all games running at 50% in gtx 1650
hey, guyz I dont know why but all of my games run at 50% when i select my gpu in plugin setting but run better in integrated UHD graphics. i have no idea how to fix this issue.
it is not only happening in pcsx2 only its happening in other emulators too. i hope anyone can help me through this. and yeah whatever resolution scalling I put it is stuck at 50%.

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Is this on a laptop?
I don't know if this will help....I have a new computer (desktop) with Nvidia GEforce GTX 1650.

I installed PCSX2 1.60 and accepted the default directory for installation. I had the same problem with everything running at 50%.

I uninstalled 1.60 and then reinstalled it, this time installing to my desktop instead of Program Files.

Since then it has worked perfectly. I don 't know if changing the install directory or if just reinstalling is what fixed it, but it's been fine since then. I don't know about other emus.

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